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T11-altar smallIn a traditional church like St. Helen’s the altar is set slightly raised at the East end of the building. The gradual raising of levels from the nave up to the choir stalls and finally to the altar helps to symbolise a movement forward and upwards.

The altar is the focal point for the service of Holy Communion [also known as the Eucharist, the Lords Supper or Mass]. 
Holy Communion takes place here at least once a week.  Within the Christian Faith, this service is of great importance, commemorating the last supper Jesus had with his friends the night before he was killed. In it he took bread and a cup of wine leaving a lasting memory for us to follow. In our regular services we meet to do as he told us.

Participation in the Service of Holy Communion brings together the opportunity for us to remember God’s continuing love for us; to hear his word from the Bible; to listen to the interpretation of that word in the sermon; to pray and express our mutual love and commitment to each other and to God’s work in the world. This service culminates in the receiving of the bread and wine. We reinforce our joining of ourselves to Jesus Christ so that he becomes part of us.

At St Helen’s our worship is relatively formal, with a set, but changing pattern of worship, containing periods of quiet . Be STILL for the presence of the Lord is moving in this place whilst at the same utilising the traditional elements of song, fellowship and love.

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