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Welcome to St Helens, Etwall

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Church Wardens
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General (History, Church Registers)
Mr Terry Gotch
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St Helens Social and Fundraising Plan for 2019
Please click here for our list of social and fundraising activities

Open Church
The church opens its doors for refreshments every Wednesday from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Prior to that we host the sixth formers from John Port School for their lunch break. Everyone is welcome on a Wednesday afternoon; we have a small children’s corner and plenty of room! If any craft, knitters or other groups would like to use our space please contact the Rector or one of the church wardens



Sunday Worship

Holy Communion is celebrated most Sunday mornings, and also most Thursdays at 10am. On the second Sunday of each month, we have a family service, and Holy Communion is celebrated in the evening.

The service pattern does change from time to time to allow for festivals and united worship with our neighbouring churches

St Helen's and St Wilfrid's (Egginton) hold combined evening services at least once a month.  Details can be found in the weekly notices

Our worship is warm and welcoming, with a strong musical input. All are welcome to come and join us!


The usual pattern for Sunday Worship is:

  • 8am        Holy Communion (1st Sunday of the Month )
  • 11am      Holy Communion (1st and 2nd Sundays in the month )
  • 11am      Family Service (3rd Sunday of the Month)
  • 11am      Morning Prayer (4th Sunday in the month)
  • 6.30pm   Evensong at St Wilfrid's (1st Sunday of the Month )
  • 6.30pm   Holy Communion (4th Sunday of the Month)
  • 6.30pm   Evensong  (2nd & 3rd Sundays in the month)

Note:when a 5th Sunday occurs, the morning Holy Communion alternates between St Wilfrid’s Egginton at 9:30am and St Helen’s, Etwall at 11am

Details of weekly notices , which includes the service schedule for the next 6 weeks for Etwall and Egginton, can be found here

Baptisms and services of Thanksgiving



We warmly welcome new people, of any age, into the family of the church. Baptisms and Thanksgivings are held either during main services, or at special afternoon services.  

Please contact the Churchwardens to discuss this, when each option can be discussed and further arrangements made.


We love weddings! St Helen’s Church is a popular venue, and most local residents (and a wide range of other people) are entitled to be married here.  We offer in-depth preparation for marriage, as well as for the wedding day itself, and aim to make each wedding personal and appropriate.

Feel free to contact us for discussion, and BEFORE booking reception venues or other wedding services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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