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To view each location on the tour, click on one of the numbered ‘hotspots’ on the church layout below.  When you have finished click here to return to the main St Helens page.


As members of St. Helen’s Church, we have looked around the Church for evidence of the life of Jesus, a challenge set us by a comment from a young visitor to the Church, saying that he couldn’t see anything about Jesus. Afterwards we thought about what he had said, and then realised that if we used our eyes carefully and considered the story of Jesus’s life, there is much about the life of Jesus in St. Helen’s Church.

The single page pamphlet available in the church foyer, gives a simple guide around the Church.  This larger on-line guide tries to explain the relationship between the identified items in the Church and how they relate to either services or other aspects of the life of St. Helen’s Church.

We hope that you will find this guide thought provoking as well as informative.

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Mar 17th 2016

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