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T14-EmbroideryThis embroidery was installed in the Church to commemorate the start of the new millennium. It shows St Helen, the mother of Constantine, the Roman Emperor of about 312 A.D. with her arms outstretched in blessing, with scenes from modern day Etwall. 

The water at the base represents life and links Etta’s Well from the past, with Etwall of today. The fishes are an early symbol of the church, when to be a Christian was a dangerous path to follow. A symbol is becoming more visible again in the modern world.

In this embroidery we are reminded that we are following in the footsteps of, and are linked to Christians of the past, as well being the Christians of today and having a responsibility to be a link to future Christians. The Church is a living family with roots in the past, every changing and looking towards the future.

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