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The FontTraditionally the font is placed near the entrance to the church where Baptism takes place.  At St. Helen’s we occasionally use a modern wooden Font, which is placed at the Chancel steps.   Baptism is when a person [most often small children] is welcomed and accepted into the church.   It is the start of the Christian journey. We have upwards of thirty baptisms each year. 

During the service

1. The person is named and therefore given an identity. The Bible speaks of God naming someone and thus making them his.

2. The person is accepted unconditionally into the love of God and into his family the church. There is no entrance test! This reminds us of the crucial truth that we do not have to earn God’s love; we are accepted, as we are, infant, child or adult, good, bad or indifferent. 

3. Promises are made by parents and Godparents to bring the child up in the faith. Eventually at a Confirmation the child/adult makes his/her own commitment.

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