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LecturnAll services contain at least one Bible reading, which is usually read from the Lectern. All Christians take the authority of the Bible very seriously, thinking of it as the inspired word of God. It is a complex book with a mixture of history and teaching, recording the profound human experience of God and of his purpose.

It is not a book, which has to be read from cover to cover, nor is it a source of a smart one liners. It can be difficult to understand and can be open to interpretation in differing and conflicting ways.

Parts of it make uncomfortable reading, it is not a cosy lifestyle guide, but it does contain words of deep comfort and inspiration that have nourished people over the centuries.

Old LecturnChristians describe it as the living word.
St Helen’s Church usually uses the brass lectern during services.

There is another very old lectern and bible to the left of the brass lectern, in the John Port Chapel.

You might like to look at the Bible kept at the back of the church. You will find we have made some suggestions later of parts you may like to read.

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