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LOCAL PLAN  (Last Updated 15/6/16)

South Derbyshire’s Local Plan is being prepared in two parts and this consultation is regarding Part 2 of the Local Plan.  Part 1 of the Local Plan was originally submitted in August 2014 and was adopted in June 2016 (for more details please click here)

Part 2 of the Local Plan deals with smaller site allocations, known as non-strategic allocations, and further development management policies.  The topics covered include housing, retail, heritage, countryside, telecommunications, advertisements, local green spaces, settlement boundaries, education facilities and the protection of trees, woodland and hedgerows. 

Part 2 will need to allocate enough sites for housing across the District to accommodate 600 dwellings.  These will be on non-strategic housing sites – sites of fewer than 100 dwellings.  A housing site options document forms part of this consultation and sets out the possible locations of these 600 dwellings.  Not all of the sites in the options document will be allocated for housing through Part 2 of the Local Plan.


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