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Please find attached the Spring Newsletter from Wellbrook Medical Centre click here 

Posted 12/4/2019


Each year the Safer Derbyshire Partnership organise a day of free entertainment, advice and information from local services for the over 60’s.  Please click here for more information

Posted 10/4/2019


Please click here for the Notice of Uncontested Election for the Parish Election on Thursday May 2nd 2019

Posted 5/4/2019


Myself (Hilton/Etwall/Hatton SNT, Mercia and Melbourne SNT have recently dealt with several incidents involving dogs on our beat areas. Dogs either being loose causing issues in the community, worrying livestock or attacking other dogs

So, to clarify a few things about control :- 

*  Please keep your dog under control at all times, this may mean keeping it on a leash.
*  Dogs dangerously out of control is a criminal offence, a dog is regarded as out of control if there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that it will injure any person, regardless of whether or not it actually does so.
*  Not everyone likes dogs, a dog is not under proper control if it can run over to over dogs and people without responding to commands/recall. Some people keep their dogs on a lead for a reason and another dog running over to it could exacerbate a situation.

To clarify livestock worrying :-

This is an offence. It is often heard “it was only playing” or “it didn’t injure the sheep”

Worrying livestock means (a) attacking livestock, or (b) Chasing livestock in such a way as may reasonably be expected to cause injury or suffering to the livestock or, in the case of females, abortion, or loss of or diminution in their produce. (c) Being at large (that is to say not on a lead or otherwise under close control) in a field or enclosure in which there are sheep.
If a dog worries livestock on any agricultural land, the owner of the dog, and, if it is in the charge of a person other than its owner, that person also, shall be guilty of an offence under this Act. (Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953)

Please keep dogs on leads when near livestock

Message Sent By
Kerry Wallington-Waite (Police, PCSO, South Derbyshire

Posted 12/3/2019


We are aware that sometimes suspicious incidents, thefts and or Antisocial behavior get posted on local social media groups rather than being reported to Police,we do not monitor these sites therefore, if posted there and not reported to us also we will not be aware of the issues people are facing.

There are now several ways to contact Derbyshire Constabulary, these being-

* Face Book- Send a private message to the main Derbyshire Constabulary Facebook page.
* Twitter- Send a private message to @DerPolContact
* Website -Complete the online contact form
* Telephone-101 for Non Emergency incidents.

Message Sent By
Kerry Wallington-Waite (Police, PCSO, South Derbyshire

Posted 1/3/2019


A vacancy has arisen for a School Crossing Patrol warden on Egginton Road, Etwall.  Please see attached document for details (click here)

Posted 11/2/2019


The attached document (click here) includes some useful information presented at the recent Safer Neighbourhood forum meeting

Posted 4/2/2019


Are you, or someone you know, inundated with scam mail? Are you tempted to respond to it? Do you want to help track down the criminals behind scams and help put a stop to their activities?

If you answered yes to any of the above then why not become a Scam Marshal for the National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team.
Becoming a Scam Marshal can be very rewarding and fulfilling work. In many cases it has helped Scam Marshals to:
 Save money
 Improve self-confidence
 Assist with investigations
 Reduce the temptation to respond
 Increase awareness of scams
 Educate and help others
 See a reduction in scam mail

The attached documents contain further information (click here)

Posted 28/1/2019


Etwall Art group are inviting people interested in art to apply for membership as we have a few places available for 2019 beginning Tuesday 8th January 2019

We meet every Tuesday from 1.30pm to 4pm at theFrank Wickham village Hall in Portland St, Etwall DE65 6TF.

Enrolment for 2019 will take place on Tuesday 8thJanuary

The annual enrolment fee will be 60 which will be paid in full on enrolment.

This will cover the costs of hall rental, demonstration, insurance and running costs, and also the essential tea and biscuits. Weekend workshops, trips or outings which are optional, will be at an extra cost.

If you wish for more information please ring (Secretary EtwallArt Group) Tel .01283 733718

Or email

Posted 16/12/2018


The Parish Council has a few vacant allotments available for rent - for details click here

Posted 24/1/2018

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