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T13-Prayer Desk smallPrayer is central to Christian life, both for individuals and for the whole church. For many, it is seen as asking for God’s help for others and ourselves. 

The Prayer Desk is where anyone can leave a request asking for God’s love and support for those in special need.

During most services held in this Church Intercessions (prayers) are lead by either the Rector or a member of the congregation, when we pray for the whole world, specific geographical areas, our country, our diocese and our own local community, as well as our own families and concerns. We also include leaders within all walks of life and we pray for people by name [if they so wish].

However, prayer is more than us doing all the talking? Peace, stillness and quiet is also a vital part of prayer; allowing God to do the talking, with us doing the listening. This type of prayer is not easy and can be difficult to learn. All relationships are after all, a two-way communication.
Without the listening, we can treat God as a sort of magician who is there to have his arm-twisted. Jesus taught that prayer should be in his name, by which he meant that it is all within the context of our relationship with God.

Unanswered prayer is the biggest problem for some, especially if they have prayed for someone who is ill and who then dies. The church has no easy answer, but points to Jesus himself, agonising over his approaching death. He asked God if it were possible that he might not have to face crucifixion but he added nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.

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