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During the expansion of the village in the 1950s the site of the manorial hall was developed to house first a Grammar school and then additionally a Secondary Modern.  Both schools were later combined in 1965 to make up the current John Port School, one of the largest Secondary schools in the entire country. Each day almost as many people come into the village to the school as live there. John Port School became an Academy in April 2011.

Up until 2016 the school held a ‘Leavers Day’ celebration for the Year 11 students (Leavers Day has now been discontinued).

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Etwall Primary School



Etwall Primary School is a co-educational Community Primary School for children from 4 to 11.  The oldest part of the school was built in 1870, with money provided by the Governors of Sir John Port’s Charity Fund. A further classroom was added under similar funding in 1905. The Primary School website can be accessed here

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For children aged 5 and under,  Etwall also has a Pre-school which currently runs from the Frank Wickham Hall.


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